RLDecal MickeyT
The Time Traveller

Inspired by and dedicated to my glasser Jimmy (aka the Retro Guy) who sadly for him and us, missed out on the 70’s. Consequently he loves MP, brown cords, Morning of the Earth and all things retro. This classic shorter design concept features a fuller outline with the wide point forward and originally a single fin (although now most are made with modern fin configurations). It’s a blast from the past that’s usually coloured with resin tints or opaques and comes standard with several heaped spoonfuls of soul.


  • Hand shaped PU blank.
  • Glassed to lasttm with 6oz bottom and 6+6oz deck
  • Resin colours and sprays available
  • Genuine FCS fin plugs
  • Full gloss & polish recommended 


Typically 6' - 7'


To suit...

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